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Nestled between Loire Castles, immerse yourself in the world of « Safran Cœur Val de Loire ® ».
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Descending from a delicate flower, each stage of our saffron production is done entirely manually and respecting the environment.

The planting of the saffron bulbs is done during the summer. In our saffron gardens, the planting in the earth is done between the 15th of July and the 15th of August
Traditionally in the Loire Valley, it is after « the third rainfall of autumn » that the flowers start to bloom.

The saffron flowers then break out in all their glory, from September to November, thus releasinthree long blood-red stigmas.
Each day, these stigmas are meticulously picked and dried.

They then become a precious spice that dazzles the eye, enchants the nose and seduces the spirit: Saffron.

Saffron in the heart of the Loire Valley replies to the requirements of the ethical chart and of quality of the saffron gardens of France. Also, our saffron garden replies to the values of “Bienvenue a la Ferme”

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It is at the return of the crusades in France that the planting of saffron bulbs begins. The cultureof saffron quickly spreads and the 16th century reaches its peak of production in the West.

At that time, everyone cultivates their own saffron : the painter uses saffron for his paintings, the scientists made many remedies based on saffron to heal sickness, cooks incorporate it in their saffron dishes as a spice.

Only one kind of variety of crocus, the crocus sativus linnaeus produces the precious saffron.
French saffron is recognized worldwide for its quality, in particular for the strength of its flavor due to the richness of the local grounds and the drying method used for preserving an authentic flavor.

It is in French Polynesia, facing the richness and the beauty of the local flora that the idea of cultivating saffron took place. This project matured and took form in 2009 in the Loire Valley, in the area in which we were born and raised.

Close to 30 000 bulbs were then entrusted to the grounds of Chouzy-sur-Cisse.

The founding of our saffron garden, in the heart of the Loire Valley acknowledged by the UNESCO world heritage, registers us amongst the many gardeners who have perpetuated with passion the culture of saffron since the middle Ages.

Through these pages you will thus discover our production of saffron between tradition, locality and gastronomy.

Possibility to come and visit the saffron gardens from the 1st of June to the 1st of November

Enjoy you visit !


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