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The pastries
A shell of saffron enclosing a saffron creme, the power of aromas for desert !

By box of  9, 13€50

sguised under a crust of caramel, discover a smooth saffron perfumed creme !

Sold by 6, 10€

The pastries are only available by reservation, withdrawal at the saffron garden
Saffron Sweets
Perfect to make your taste buds discover the unique flavor of saffron. A sweetness that agrees well with coffee !

ingredients: egg whites, sugar, saffron
30g packet (8 to 10 meringues), 3€

Thin praline coated with saffron meringues. A mouthful of melting cholcolat.

ingredients : Praline, dark and milk chocolat cover, cocoa butter,powder milk, trimoline, sugar, egg whites, gelatine, saffron.
80G Packet(25 to 30 ROCHERS), 8€50
The Honeys
the finesse of saffron and acacia honey together! Soft and sweet, it accompanies your yoghurts,toasts or ginger bread…

ingredients: Acacia honey (Thésée - 41), saffron
150g Pot , 5€20

a creamy texture it allows all the aromas of saffron explode. Ideal to sweaten a saffron tea or a hot milk

ingredients: Sunflower honey (Thésée - 41), saffron
150g Pot , 4€90
Meet our saffron's jams in a complete range and download the order form here
Fine et sophisticated, delicious on toast. Accompanying salty meals it transforms into a sweet and
sour sauce.

imgredients: grapefruit, saffron, sugar.
120g Pot , 4€20

an agreement of softness between the fruit and the saffron. To dare with fois gras or goats cheese.

ingredients: pears, saffron, sugar.
120g Pot, 4€20

All our jams are made with seasonal fruits, grown and picked at the saffron garden and/or from local producers.

sweet and sour, restores perfectly the perfume of the fruit and the spice.

120g Pot, 4€20

MILK: delicious agreement of milk and saffron with a touch of caramel

ingredients: fresh mil,k sugar, saffron
Pot 120g, 4€20

unique and delicate, a joy of flavors for tea time.

ingredients : orange, sugar, saffron
120g Pot, 4€20

Saffron jams: for all your desires!

Why not try a saffron Kir ?

Ingredients: sugar,water, glucose, saffron.
25CL BOTTLE, 8€ 90

The sirups: indispensable to flavor your pastries !
All our products are prepared by hand, ensuring you preserved and unique flavors
The saffron jams: ideal for your sauces and gravy !

to use directly in the kitchen to make a sauce for your dishes.
This saffron jelly goes well with shellfish, fish, red meat, goats cheese, fruits and in salads.

Ingredients white wine AOC  Touraine Mesland, sugar, agar, saffron
Pot DE 120g, 4€50

accompnies well with cheese, fois gras and terrines. This jam associates well with cold meats,
grills or roasts.

Ingredients white onions, wine AOC Touraine-Mesland, sugar, vinagar, honey, saffron.
Pot de 175g, 8€90

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