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Experts, you will accomodate your saffron recipes all year (around 150 stigmas)

34 €
1g Pot
Amateurs of saffron, you will have enough to prepare your favourite saffron dishes (around 80 stigmas).

20 €

Perfect to start saffron cooking, it suits to make a dozen dishes for 4 people.

12.50 €

0,3g Pot 
0,5g Pot 
Discovery packet 0,1g

Ideal to try saffron in a dish, you can cook 10 to 12 plates to discover saffron in the heart of the Loire Valley.
6 €

The vertues of Saffron

In gastronomy, saffron is a taste enhancer. It harmonises flavors. Its aroma is suave and seducing.

Since antiquity, saffron is used for its coloring power. Lots of vertues are granted to it, this is why saffron is present in many remedies

To relieve cramps and dental pains, to help digestion or even for blood circulation.

In everyday use, saffron is a real natural anti-depressant.

Our saffron

Saffron in the Heart of the Loire Valley is a spice that depends on the vintage year and the grounds on which it is grown. Chosen with the greatest care, only the production of the year is proposed for sale to guarantee an optimal quality spice.

Conforming to the specifications of Catergorie 1, Saffron in the heart of the Loire Valley is recognized as one of the greatest in the world of spices. (Lire rapport d’analyse).

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